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Hi there welcome to spherical update.
Do you have any guest news, ideas, or any important post that you would love us to publish on spherical updates?
If yes is your answer, then we have made available an opportunity for you air your idea(s) in Spherical Updates, and with grateful hearts, we are stating out guidelines for you, on how to go about writing a guest post for us


1. First of all write a very short summary of your idea or post and send to us via sphericalupdates@gmail.com

If after considering the idea or post we find it not to the standard then we were immediately reply you to prepare the full post( the reason for this don’t want you to spend hours writing a post we won’t post or publish)

2. Make sure that the title of your post is short and catchy

3. The original: try as much as possible to write us a post that is original and valid

4. Before writing analyze it as to whether your audience will find it helpful and/or be entertained

5. Make sure that your language of use is simple and your write up interesting.

6. Try as much as possible to be unique when writing your guest post

7. In the course of writing, please do not attempt to products without our permission, but mentioning a product in the body of the post if it is 100% related to the write up is allowed.

8. Meanwhile, If in any means you want to advertise your products with us, please use the “advertise with us” page and follow the guidelines or instructions on how to get your products to the knowledge of thousands of spherical updates’ visitors

Gotten a post you would like to share with us?
Then the first thing to do is send us a very short summary of u post or idea to sphericalupdates@gmail.com or send it to us through WhatsApp: +2348129020590, let’s analyze it before asking you to write a full post. 


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