Rape Allegation: Justin UG Denies Claims That He Raped  An Anonymous Girl In 2016

Rape Allegation: Justin UG Denies Claims That He Raped An Anonymous Girl In 2016

Justin Chukwudi Ugonna popularly  known as @JustinUg_ on twitter has released a statement to deny the recent statutory rape accusation on him by a young anonymous girl who claimed he(JustinUg) raped her during a party in 2016 and also lied to her about his real age just to take advantage of her.

See Statement Below:

The story trended on twitter when the said girl(who has refused to reveal her real identity) took to her page to post the screenshots below; explaining how the incident took place(Please Zoom in for Perfect View)

As you would know it on issues like this, the story got many internet users and bloggers talking with mixed reactions; as some started dragging JustinUg to filth even without any valid evidence of story, while others reserved their comments and waited to hear the accused side.

To make matter worse, the unknown girl who claimed JustinUg cut ties with her after their affair back in 2016 and blocked her on all social media platforms. She also went on to share additional screenshots of chats between herself and the accused(JustinUg) after she realized that JustinUg lied to her about her age just totake advantage of her…(Please Zoom in for Perfect View)

Following peoples reactions on the issue, one Didun Johnson(with a twitter username @mamiwaterr) who rushed into conclusion that the incident occurred went on to publish the rape allegation against JustinUg with an intention to help the girl get her justice.

According to JustinUg, Didun Johnson chatted the girl up to get some information that could have helped pressed charge against accused(JustinUg), but after much questioning, the unknown girl refused to reveal her identity or at least provide some valid evidences to support her allegations. As shown below, the girl only provided a flier of the said party where the incident occurred dated 30th July 2016. But it happens that JustinUg traveled out of the country(Nigeria) on July 29, 2016 to further his studies in a University in America.

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