Raheem Sterling Has Been Left Out Of England’s European Qualifiers Match Against Montenegro On Thursday

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Raheem Sterling has been excluded and as such won’t  play in England’s European Qualifiers match against Montenegro on Thursday because of a follow up misunderstanding between him(sterling) and Joe Gomez at their St George’s Park training ground amidst their previous clash during Sunday’s derby.

Manager Gareth Southgate said that “feelings were still  raw” in the wake of Sterling was engaged in a little brawl with Joe Gomez towards the end of Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Premier League title rivals Manchester City on Sunday.

Southgate in a statement said: “We have taken the decision to not consider Raheem for the match against Montenegro on Thursday.

“One of the great challenges and strengths for us is that we’ve been able to separate club rivalries from the national team. Unfortunately the emotions of yesterday’s game were still raw.

My feeling is that the right thing for the team is the action we have taken. Now that the decision has been made with the agreement of the entire squad, it’s important that we support the players and focus on Thursday night.”

Sterling’s exclusion actually came as a result of the fact that the pair were again involved in another misunderstanding  subsequent to meeting up for England’s duty on Monday.

Meanwhile, no subtleties of the said incident were uncovered, in spite of the fact that the FA affirmed Sterling stays with the squad  following the “disturbance in a private team area.”

In reaction, Sterling(aged 24) has taken  to his  social media handle to confirm “a five to 10 second thing” with Liverpool’s Joe Gomez(aged 22) in the England camp.

“Both Joe and I have had words and figured things out and moved on,” Sterling said via his Instagram account on Tuesday.

“We are in a sport where emotions run high and I am man enough to admit when emotions got the better of me.

“This is why we play this sport because of our love for it – me and Joe Gomez are good, we both understand it was a five to 10 second thing… it’s done, we move forward and not make this bigger than it is.

“Let’s get focus on our game on Thursday,” Sterling added.

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