IICC To Implement Compulsory Insurance Policies As Mandated By Law

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Insurance Industry Consultative Council (IICC) has said it is set to implement the compulsory insurancw policies as ordered by law. The Council expressed this at an edification preparing program on mandatory protection arrangements in Enugu State. 


The compulsory insurance policies are the classes of protection made mandatory by law with the goal of giving security to outsiders and the overall population.” 


Administrator, IICC, Mr. Eddie Efekoha, expressed: ” It is because of absence of information that a considerable lot of the mandatory protections are neither taken up by concerned gatherings nor authorized by the pertinent offices or bodies set up for the reason.” 


Changeless Secretary, Office of the Secretary to the Enugu State Government, Mrs. Josephine Onyia, called for greater illumination projects of a comparative sort to be held at different levels inside the state and focused at protection partners. She called attention to that the illumination program has changed the thought the majority of the members had about protection, insurance agencies and the demeanor to mandatory protections

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