Recharge And Get Paid – A Must Do Business In 2020

Recharge And Get Paid – A Must Do Business In 2020

Hello there, welcome to Spherical Updates once again….

So today I want to present a very cool, easy as well as affordable-to-start business named Recharge and Get Paid(RAGP) to y’all; we will talk more on how to make a lot of money from it(RAGP).

For some months now, I personally have been doing this and I can tell as well as assure you that it’s one of the coolest online businesses you will find online in 2020 🤑🤑🤑

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the read and feel free to ask your questions via the comment box after reading.

What’s Recharge And Get Paid(RAGP)

RECHARGE AND GET PAID (RAGP) is a Nigerian owned Telecom Company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC): (RC Number: 1279919) and Licensed by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to carry out Telecoms-related Businesses.Recharge

RAGP is a platform that helps create wealth for People.
It gives you the license (Right) to own and operate your own Virtual Top Up (VTU) business in the Telecoms Sector with Airtime, Data & Utility Bill Payment.

RAGP is the simplest, easiest & fastest way to achieving wealth, helps you set up a Plan B financially and earn residual income seamlessly.


  • A viable product (MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile).
  • Bill Payment portal (DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, PHCN and many more coming).
  • No wiping off of points, accumulated points are used to qualify for the incentives over time.
  • No balancing of legs to earn or get incentives.
  • No monthly target or deadlines.
  • Bank withdrawal available.
  • Dual earrings available (VTU and Referrals).


You register with a one time registration (OWNING YOUR VTU PORTAL)

You start recharging and getting paid by the company.

Our products 👇👇






This business operates via a platform simply called:
*RECHARGE AND GET PAID* or *RAGP* for short:

99% of the time you do the following……

– Recharge your phones
– Load data
– Subscribe cables , DStv , Gotv…….
– Pay utilities like PHCN, etc.,

Using one platform or the other , like road side vendors , Quick Teller, Banks e.t.c Some vendors sell at 110 , 210 …….


*Banks even charge us for sms alert after using their platforms to carry out these operations*
Because these are utilities Services that we can’t do without..


*Here is Exactly how the platform (RAGP) works/operate*👇

– You register with Recharge and Get Paid Company *you get paid* 20%

– When buy airtime *you get paid* 2%

– You buy data *you get paid* 10%

– You refer people *you get paid* 20%

– Your people buy airtime *you get paid* 0.35%

– Your people buy data *you get paid* 1%

– Your people refer people *you get paid* 10%

–  You upgrade from one package to another, *you get paid* 20%

– Your people upgrade from one package to another, *you get paid* 20%

– You are made a distributor and a dealer with all privileges to Mtn,* *Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, Dstv, Gotv, Startimes etc.*

Two things are created *FOR YOU* during your registrations, which are:

  1. The VTU and
  2. The E-Wallet.

While all recharge benefits drop into the VTU, the financial benefits go into the *E-wallet* *which can in turn be transferred through the same channel into your bank account, that is why ones bank information are supplied in the course of filling the online form to create your account.*

*But before we proceed, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that the wealth that accrues from RAGP comes in bits and pieces, say in trickles, not by leaps and bounds as promised in all Ponzi schemes and yet it comes crashing down in the end before you can say Jack Robinson. The old saying, “Little drops of water makes an ocean,” is the principle that applies here. It requires patience, sacrifice and a little bit of hard work to build up your Team. But once it is done, it starts blossoming. It comes to stay and turns out to be irreversible.*


I’ll explain one by one and you would understand the money making machine we have as a business


You get this bonus when you join the business and anytime someone else registers under you, directly or indirectly for 10 generations deep. Where; people in 1st generation are people directly registered by you and people in the other generations are referred by other people.

*The commission is shared as follows:*

Personal registration:
  • Yourself – 20% commission
Referral Commissions:
  • 1st Generation – 20% commission
  • 2nd Generation – 10% commission
  • 3rd Generation – 5% commission
  • 4th Generation – 2.5% commission
  • 5th Generation – 1.25% commission
  • 6th-10th Generations – 1% commission

These are commissions u earn anytime u buy airtime/data or pay cable subscriptions and nepa bills on ragp platform.

Personal VTU:
  • Airtime- 2% commission
  • Data- 10% commission
  • Cable subscriptions – 40naira
  • Nepa bill payment – 40naira

You continue to earn this type of commission from same people you once got referral commission from.

Downline VTU:
  • Airtime- 0.35% commission
  • Data- 1% commission
  • Cable subscriptions- 10naira
  • Nepa bill payment- 10naira

You qualify for this bonus of ₦100,000 any month ur monthly pv rises to 10,000.

This is the young target of every partner in ragp until it becomes easily doable.

10,000pv/month = ₦100k per month. U can call this ur monthly upkeep money.

And this is aside your other bonuses.

Don’t worry if u can’t make up to 10,000pv in a month as this takes us to the number 4 way of getting paid in RAGP.


Cumulative PV is the summation of PV of all your past months in RAGP.

At the beginning of every month, your monthly PV is added and stored to your cumulative PV.

Cumulative PVs qualify you for various leadership awards as follows:

₦500,000 – 25,000pv
₦2million – 60,000pv
₦3million – 100,000pv
₦4million – 250,000pv
₦6million – 500,000pv.

It’s possible to get paid in all these ways simultaneously

Now let me explain more on how you will be making cool cash in RECHARGE AND GET PAID

RAGP pays you whenever you do any of the following:

  • When you register, you get 20% of the package you choose to start with
  • When you sell or buy data you get 10%
  • When you sell or recharge your phone you get 2%
  • When you refer anybody you get *20% of the person registration fees
  • When your referrals refer others you earn btw 10% &1% (btw 2nd &10th level)
  • When Members of your team recharge airtime you get 0.35%
  • When Members of your team subscribe for data you get 1%
  • You will also get paid for your subscriptions and your team dstv, gotv, and startimes subscriptions

Another amazing way to earn hugely from this uniquely rewarding Telecom business is through the accumulation of PVs – (PV means POINT VALUE)

These are the POINTS that comes with your REGISTRATION PACKAGE and as well your team

You will not only earn the Referral or Registration Commissions from your team members, the Point Value attached to the package is also received WHICH will count for you over time

When it accumulates to 10K PV… in a month, you will receive N100,000 Leadership Bonus

If you do not meet the 10K PV in a month, it will be rolled over to the next month, and as it increases to 25000 PV, you will receive 500K DUBAI TRIP FUND

As it increases over to 60K PV again, you’re given 2M small Car Fund.

So it keeps accumulating till your 6M Housing Fund.

#NOTE: Referral is optional, you will make money whether you refer or not and you can withdraw all your earnings to your bank account directly everyday meaning that the company pays on a daily basis

Take note, just like the way you save money into your bank account and use such money to buy airtime, data, pay for cable TV subscription by dialing a code, You can do the same thing using your RAGP VTU but RAGP is different because you get 2% to 10% of your money back anytime you make payments through your VTU. Awesome right?

I hope y’all are done reading that……Now let’s advance to “How to register and activate your account on RAGP”

How To Register On Recharge And Get Paid

To register, you’d first of all have to choose your preferred available package


1. Basic = N5,000
2. Bronze = N10,000
3. Silver = N20,000
4. Gold = N30,000
5. Diamond = N40,000
6. Platinum = N50,000
7. Executive Platinum = N100,000

  • BASIC MEMBERSHIP PLAN(₦5000)* – One time Registration fee of N5,000. And the company gives you N1,000 capital to support you on your business
  • BRONZE MEMBER (₦10000)* – One time Registration fee of N10,000. And the company gives you N2,000 capital to support you on your business
  • SILVER MEMBER (₦20000)* – One time Registration fee of N20,000. And the company gives you N4,000 capital to support you on your business
  • GOLD MEMBER (₦30000)* – One time Registration fee of N30,000. And the company gives you N6,000 capital to support you on your business
  • DIAMOND MEMBER (₦40000)* – One time Registration fee of N40,000. And the company gives you N8,000 capital to support you on your business
  • PLATINUM MEMBER (₦50000)* – One time Registration fee of N50,000. And the company gives you N10,000 capital to support you on your business
  • EXECUTIVE PLATINUM MEMBER (₦100,000)* – One time Registration fee of N100,000. And the company gives you N20,000 capital to support you on your business.

#Note Again: You earn 20% of your registration money immediately you sign up. That’s called sign up bonus

Methods Of Registration On Ragp:

  1. E-WALLET: This one entails you paying/registering directly through your sponsor(ie. Me- you reach me on Telegram  or WhatsApp), so that I can purchase e-wallet equivalent to your registration fee and then process your registration and pay from my wallet – I will register/create your account for you in less that 5mins without you stressing yourself at all.
  2. PAYSTACK: This method of payment involves the use of your ATM card(Normal stress-free online payment method) to pay for your registration by yourself – if you’re the type that likes doing online registration stuff by yourself……Your account will also be activated instantly via this method.*

To Register via the second method, please follow the steps below:

1. Click HERE to proceed to the registration/signup  page.

*Make sure that the referral ID is “Malawizzy”

RAGP registration form/page

2. Fill in your details when the registration form opens. – You will be required to provide your first and last name, email address, phone number, username and desired password.

3. After the filling those details, the system will ask you to login and continue your registration. So just login using the username and password u registered with.

4. Then on the payment page;
a. Tap on the drop down button to select the package/amount you wish to register with
b. select PAYSTACK as your payment method. ( Feel very free to drop a comment below; if you ever have issues whilst trying to register/pay via PAYSTACK PAYMENT METHOD)

RAGP payment method selectionRAGP available packages

5. On the other page, you will be required to provide your bank account details. This is where RAGP will be sending your earnings to. So just input your correct bank account details(like Acct No, Name, and Bank Name)

RAGP bank details insertion page

6.Click on NEXT. The next page will require you to finally make your payment.

Just follow the onscreen guide. It’s very simple.

Here ends today’s edition of Earn with SPHERICAL UPDATES owner..

I’m sure I have taken my time to explain that, but if you still have any question(s) please feel free to ask via the comment box below, I will be here to answer them all.


Thanks a lot for reading…

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