Gift Dube, A 19-Year-Old Prophet Drowns During Baptismal Service.

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A certain 19-year-old prophet named Gift Dube at 12 Apostolic Faith Mission Church drowned on Sunday morning during a baptismal service whilst attempting to rescue a church member  who had slipped into the water.

According to ZimEye, Gift Dube, had beforehand  prophesied that somebody was going to die in the water on the day, if care is not taken.

The catastrophe happened in a sewer-filled stream that runs into Khami Dam.

In a interview yesterday, the deceased mom, Mrs Thobekile Dube, said her child passed on an excruciating demise. 

Mrs Dube also confirmed that her child prophesied that if congregants were not watchful in supplication somebody was going to die.

“He was an evangelist in the congregation and a prophet who used to lead us during chapel proceedings. We had gone there for the baptism of three new converts

He led the prayer session until he said each and every one of us should find their place where they should pray alone, telling God what is in their hearts. He also warned that the waters had dark spirits hence they should pray because someone could remain (die) in the water?” said Mrs Dube.

She said as he was praying, one of his cousins slipped into the water and Gift drowned while attempting to rescue him. Mrs Dube said other church members fell in a trance and only recovered when Gift had drowned.

“The boy whom my son tried to rescue was saved by another congregant who threw a stick towards him and ordered him to grab it while she pulled.

It’s not dear what happened before that, it’s as if we had lost our memories. I saw my son drowning in the water with his arms stretched open. That’s how he drowned?’ said Mrs Dube. “What is shocking to me even up to now is that the police sub-aqua unit retrieved him from the shallow end of the stream. His body was still upright instead of floating sideways.

His feet were still warm as if he was still alive. Police even suggested that I rub him under the feet. He had no water in his stomach, the only visible change is that he was now dark on his forehead.

My son was gone just like that?’ Bulawayo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango said: “We received a report whereby a 19-year-old boy who was doing Form Three at Amhlophe High School drowned during a baptismal service.

She  in addition warned members of the public against risking their lives in water bodies. “We are saddened about such carelessness and we urge religious leaders to ensure they do not endanger the lives of people in water sources.

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