IGP Orders the Immediate Deployment of Five Mobile Police Units to Edo State

IGP Orders the Immediate Deployment of Five Mobile Police Units to Edo State

The Nigerian  Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu has ordered the immediate deployment of Five Mobile Police Units to Edo state following the attacks by suspected Cultists and criminals; especially the escapees and imprisoned crooks who got away during the Endsars protest period that led to two Prison break in Benin and Oko.

In the past weeks, reports claimed that seven people had been killed in Edo state while six people also got killed in Delta state during the attacks by the suspected cult groups and armed robbers.

In confirming the mobile police deployment to the affected states, a senior Police Officer told Vanguard News that the five Mobile Police Units were perhaps drawn from units in the North West and Middle Belt areas of the nation. 


Edo state governor Mr.Obaseki
The Executive Governor of Edo State Godwin Obaseki

He also added that the Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki has promised coordinations and other important backings including the provision of patrol vehicles to ensure that the criminals and/or cultists are hunted down and captured.

In addition, the senior Police Officer pointed out that the Inspector General of Police’s mandate is that escapee prisoners from the jail facilities in Edo state must be caught and returned back to serve their jail term. 

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