FINLIG A Digital Platform To Learn And Earn 50,000 Naira Monthly

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Hey there, welcome to Spherical Updates once again.

Today I’ll be giving a sincere review of a Platform called FINLIG;as to how you can learn some mouth-watering or should I call them marketable skills as well as the two unique ways you will be earning a lot of cash from being a ready-to-learn student on the platform.

But before that, let’s get to know a few things:
1. What is FinLig and its Goal as a platform
2. Who is the founder of FinLig

What Is This Finlig All About?

Actually, when I first heard of the platform from a friend, my question was “what is this FinLig all about”? And I’m going to combine his answer with my own very findings to give a better answer to the question.

Now FinLig is world’s No.1 digital and skill acquisition platform where one who is literate enough to use a smartphone and the internet can easily register to acquire some of the finest and marketable 21st century digital skills as well as make money online legally.
Yes note the phrase “make money online legally”- because I’m a Nigerian that believes in making money legally; be it online or offline.

For a start(Basic Course Plan), the platform offers over 20 digital and marketable skills in the form of courses and over 20 business Ebooks for her students at just #1000 naira($4)- yes you heard me right and I repeat all at 1000 Naira($4) only!

The most interesting part of the package is that you do not necessarily need a laptop or desktop to learn any of the courses but your smartphone only – as it is well structured with some of the best video tutorials as well as recommended mobile Apps needed to aid your understanding.

Courses available on FinLig includes:

  • 3D Animations
  • Graphics design
  • Text animations
  • Logo Creation
  • Video Editing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Mock-Ups
  • Album Promotion Visualizer
  • Email Marketing
  • Bulk SMS Marketing, and many others

FinLig Primary Goal

The primary goal of FinLig according to the founder is to make available a platform for digital skill acquisition for youths so as to empower them to live a crime-free life as well as reduce unemployment.

Who Is The Founder?

FinLig Owner and CEO Mr Olajide Philips

The brain behind FinLig is none other person than Olajide Phillips- an IT expert, business coach, a gospel artiste, a husband and a father with so many educational and other professional degrees. He is also the CEO of PITXH FORTH SOLUTIONS & AMOS.
According to Mr Olajide;

“FinLig is an idea that hopes to reach all African countries and spread to nations of the world. We had three students from the UK who joined one of the classes during the Covid-19 lockdown. So the future is bright and by God’s grace we are there already. We have other features we are rolling out under FinLig umbrella such as online store, Fintech and other amazing features”- he added

So in essence we can all see that the platform has a defined and purposeful future.

Having said that, let’s head over to the main gist…

How To Sign Up Your Account On Finlig

Carefully follow the steps below in order to set up your account successfully on the platform so as to start learning as well as start earning.

  1. Click on Register Now to proceed to their registration portal
  2. Once you get there, you will be required to fill in your valid details like; email address, mobile phone number, as well as password.FinLig page to register an account
  3. After filling in your details, click on the “I agree to FinLig terms” check button.
  4. Then click on the “sign up” button located at the bottom right corner of your phone or laptop to proceed to the next page
  5. After clicking on sign up button, it will take you to a welcome message page( see picture below), then click on “login to your account” button at the bottom of your screen and input your details i.e. your phone number and password to get in.

FinLig welcomes you to their platform upon successful account sign up

6. Upon successfully logging in, edit or fill in your other details like name, State of Origin, country etc. And that’s all for registration.

How to gain access to study materials

Now you have successfully registered an account with FinLig, you are then qualified to start learning and earn as well.

Page in FinLig to aid one activate his/her account

But before then, you have to activate your account to gain full access to all study materials.
So after updating your details in your dashboard section, you’ll be taken to a page to activate your account, click on the “activate your account” button and you’ll be taken to a page where you could top up your wallet with the sum of 1000 naira($4) only.

There are so many secured payment methods available for use on the platform. You can even do a normal offline bank transfer and send your payment proofs to them on WhatsApp or telegram via their mobile number provided on the “transfer payment method” page.

How to Start learning

• After successfully activating your account with #1000 Naira($4), head back to the site and log into your account.
• On your dashboard area, click “My Courses” then “Basic Courses”. To see all your unlocked and available courses.Page of 20+ unlocked courses on FinLig
• Choose/select any of the courses to start with. For example, you may decide to start with mockups, just click on it.
• Download the recommended apps needed for the lecture and you are set
• Start learning – as all their courses are well explained with video tutorials.
• Practice what you’ve learnt in a particular course over and over again to be sure that you are good at it before going over to the next course.

How To Start Earning On FinLig

How to start earning 50% on all referrals to FinLig

Now that you’re registered and your account activated, you can start earning massively.

Did you know that as a FinLig registered and confirmed students, you could be earning over 10000 Naira daily, 25000 Naira weekly and/or 50000 Naira monthly by Simply referring friends and family to acquire skills on the platform???

Yes that’s very true and possible!

Okay, let me explain – aside registering with 1000 naira to acquire all the marketable skills, FinLig gives you the opportunity to refer friends to register as well as activate their accounts and you’ll be paid a whopping 50% from their registration fee. Isn’t that super fair?
Imagine getting 50% of your referrals registration fee while the remaining 50% goes to FinLig, and you also get to learn all those skills in addition to your earnings.

Breaking the earnings down, assuming you are able to refer 20 people daily; ie #500 * 20($2*20) which equals 10,000 naira($40) – that’s like 10 times your registration fee that you are getting back in just a day. If you’re able to refer 50 people in a week time, you get 25,000 naira($80), what about 100 people in a month’s time, i.e. 50,000 naira($200) and so on. Pretty cool right? Oh yes that’s cooler than cool!

More so, there is a saying that ” the skills of a man( woman included) wipes away poverty”. – that statement is indeed very true; which brings us to the second and most important way of earning from being a student of FinLig

The skills you will learn on FinLig are all very marketable skills; where you could use them to provide services like graphic designs, logo designs, Instagram and Facebook marketing, 3D and text Animations, etc for client or business and earn cash in return. You can even start an online class on any of the skills you would acquire from the platform for folks who are not on FinLig and still earn cool and legit cash as well.

So you can see that with your 1000 registration fee, you will be able to take care of yourself as a student or youth as well as become somewhat less independent on your parents and/or Guardians.

How To Get People To Register On Finlig

Yeah I know that’s the question on your mind right now, but you will agree with me that no responsible friend or family member of yours would say that he/she doesn’t need a skill; never will a responsible person allow such a handy opportunity to pass by, considering the fact that all you need to get started is just 1000 Naira($4) only.
Use the following methods to get more referrals:

  • After registration, tell your siblings, cousins, and other extended family members about the platform. You could even tell your parents if they’re the type that are doing most of their businesses online.- why because I vividly believe that charity begins at home. As at the time I was putting this review together, I had already gotten my siblings, cousins, and other extended family members registered, especially now that nobody knows when school will resume.
  • Tell your friends online; be it on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram. You could tell your Course mates or classmates as well.
  • Upon completion of a given course, start practicing and posting them on your social media handles as well as on your status updates; you will see how business owners as well as other people who want to learn more, will start buzzing your direct message.

Please Note:

  • All pictures as well as designs on FinLig website were all designed with smart phones.
  • Also that you can only start learning and earning from FinLig if and only if you have successfully activated your account with the sum of #1,000 Naira($4) – as the courses won’t be unlocked and you won’t get your referral link to use and refer/invite friends.
  • There is no certification for the basic course plan as no further money will be needed from you – just acquire the skills, refer people to earn as well as start working for clients to earn more cash for yourself.

Meanwhile, if you are my kind of person that needs advancement and certification for any skill(s) I acquire, then check out other packages available on FinLig:

FinLig Advanced Course on smartphone after the basis course plan

  1. Advanced course on smartphone: This is the next stage after basic program and it’s strictly for business purpose. Yes business purpose; in the sense that if you want to start your own tech hub, this stage will help advance your knowledge on the skills you learnt in the basic stage. It comes with 20 tutorials, 20 Ebooks, video and PDF explanations, certificate as well as mentorship. The amount needed to upgrade to this stage after basic plan is just #2500 Naira only, after the basic stage might have been completed by you.FinLig Max Course plan on smartphone - a combination of basic and advance stage
  2. Max Course On Smartphone: This is a combination of basic and advanced course Plus 4 online business training. At this stage, you would be thoroughly taught on all the courses, as it is a very popular demand on Instagram right now. It contains 24 tutorials, 30 Ebooks, video and PDF explanations, certificate as well as membership. The amount to upgrade to this stage is just #5000 Naira only.FinLig professional course plan on PC - at this stage, one is trained to become a professional
  3. Advanced Course On Smartphone:  This one is a 3-day training on Zoom by FinLig tutors. It is strictly for those that wants to be professionals in a particular course acquired in the basic course plan. At this stage, you have to choose one out of the available courses that you really need to be mastered on. The stage cost #25000 Naira only.


I’m sure I have taking my time to explain all you needed to know about the FinLig platform, and I want to urge us all to take good advantage of this goldmine!
It’s not just about the refer and earn money, but the many benefit to get from this platform with as little as #1,000 Naira($4).

Currently, FinLig has over 1,827 students from 10 different undergoing their digital skills training on the platform; so the ball is now on your court to take advantage of, with both hands.

I’m not party to get rich fast, but I believe that with a skill or two, we could all be free from poverty, become job creators instead of searchers after school or even whilst in school, as well as reduce the ever growing unemployment rate. Take a step and Register Now!

Feel free to ask me any question via the comment section; I will be here to answer them all.


What is FinLig?

Register on finLig to learn digital skills with 1000 Naira($4) and earn 50% on referrals

FinLig is world's No.1 online digital skills acquisition platform, where one can learn over 20 marketable skills with just 1000 Naira as well as earn a whopping 50% off the registration fees of other students he/she referred to be part of the training

How much is needed to register an account on FinLig

Account registration on FinLig is absolutely free! But to unlock the available course to start learning as well as get your referral link to use and invite friends in order to earn money, you must activate your account with the sum of 1000 Naira($4) only.

How much can I earn from FinLig ?

Earning on FinLig is very simple and easy. FinLig pays you 50% on all your referral; so let's say you refer 20 people daily, you will earn 10,000 Naira daily, 25,000 Naira weekly if you can refer 50 people per week and/or 50,000 Naira monthly

Can a Non-Nigerian be part of FinLig?

Yes, very possible. Foreign folks can join FinLig with the sum of $4 only

Do FinLig have any advancement packages?

Yes, they do. Actually, the 1000 Naira($4) starter fee is just for the basic course plan; as there are Advanced Course, Max Course as well as Professional Course plan.

Who is the founder of FinLig?

Mr. Olajide Phillips is the brain behind FinLig

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