Drake To Expand His Line Of Business Into Marijuana Industry!!!

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Drake is growing his realm by getting into the maryjane business, the lawful one, and he needs to slap his new interminable organization’s name on a wide range of items.


Champagne Papi’s named his weed business More Life Growth Company and as indicated by legitimate docs acquired by Spherical Updates

Drake needs to bolt up the rights to his organization’s  name and afterward use it to sell vapes, funnels, moving papers and hookahs, in addition to a huge amount of merchandise like shirts, boots, coats, dresses, gloves, caps, hoodies, coats, pants, sweats, shorts and shoes.

No piece of information how this would function, yet he’s even included undergarments in his trademark application!!!

Drake’s likewise going the more conventional course – natural teas for therapeutic and recreational purposes, and restorative herb extract.

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