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Spherical Updates is a global news updates platform that is focused  on delivering timely business reports, political issues, educational news, lifestyles, entertainment news/gossips, sport news and many other updates that cut across all endeavours irrespective of our users/visitor’s locations.
Spherical Updates is operated and located in Nigeria, but just as the organisation gives updates on all other countries around the world, she also intends to expand  her operational location to most of the countries with time.
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  Spherical Updates Team.

The idea of bringing the global  updates under a single click and in one platform call Spherical Updates was coined by Aniekan Etop.
He is an innovative young undergraduate currently studying Accounting/Accountancy in the University Of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State,Nigeria.
At first while in secondary school he aspired to study mass communication but along the journey of life, he later on changed his mind to becoming a chartered managerial accountant.
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As a business student and thinker/lover,he thought of merging his first aspiration with  he current profession so as to become his own boss while in school and even after school; that merging idea brought Spherical Updates into being.
Spherical Updates looks forward to partner with serious business minded personalities who may wish to join Spherical Updates in bringing Her visions to a reality.
Contact Us today,let’s talk business in terms of partnership or for more information about spherical updates.

Email: sudirect1@gmail.com

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